Nation Building Initiative

Our Vision:
To scale the world’s leading solutions,
to drive growth and transition regions from AID to Development

To Empower • To Liberate • To Produce


Commited to Sustainability


Without purpose we perish. Education with purpose is the key to our long term success, “for every one child who finishes school, 12 more will be lifted out of poverty.” True education allows a child to be inspired and discover their meaning and purpose. Empowering individuals to grow is the surest way to guarantee the long term success of a project, benefitting the nation for generations to come. Heritage - to unite leading minds to anchor a nation in its history, cultural heritage and origins.


Commited to Sustainability


NBI is purposed to transition challenged regions from poverty to prosperity. We have partnered with globally recognised companies to develop agriculture projects and smallholder farms in order to achieve food security. NBI is positioned with sector specific partners at every stage of the value chain from seed to shelf. NBI is the majority shareholder of a Uganda focused agriculture and land development company, which combines agricultural management with financial expertise. We are committed to sustainability and local communities and have a long-term vision of driving substantial job opportunities to create safe and prosperous communities.


Commited to Sustainability


The nucleus of green lighting a region from AID to Development. Scaling the proven model of Vital Communities, a new pathway for impact investing. It provides prime proof of the success and benefits of the innovative, communally- based model of agriculture. A nucleus, self sufficient, safe village. A model that exports abundance and builds local economies, protecting and educating the children with a sustainable future. Our Master Plan aims to extend across East Africa to end dependency on aid, with a basket of local and export crops, we will direct companies to build factories which create employment and value addition


Massive Commercial Potential


Our vision is to establish a new blueprint for Health in Africa; to bring new health tools and technologies to scale in developing countries. A plan to fund developing countries healthcare sustainably, without impacting their sovereign debt profile with the IMF/World Bank, this has been one of the main impediments to the growth of Healthcare that we plan to solve with some of the world’s leading healthcare partners. We intend to work on the with the Milken Institute’s Financial Innovations Lab and Center for Public Health to advance the crucial challenge of improving public health in developing countries.


Exploration and Development


An equitable share for the people. To build a long-term regional development blueprint for East Africa, one that is an incubator for sustainability and peace. We have been mandated to manage, execute and appraise mineral development in the region to invite only suitable partners with the long term interests of the community at heart. Poverty alleviation through empowerment and re-energising rural communities and promoting social entrepreneurship and cooperative lopment “An end to tears and misery amidst such wealth… to lead Africa to an equitable share” CEO, KPMG East Africa

Our Long-Term Collective Nation Building Goals

  1. Significantly reduce $1bn food imports into the region per year and thereby shift from food aid dependence to becoming a net exporter
  2. Create 200,000 jobs over a 10 year period in agriculture, mining, energy and social infrastructure
  3. Drive down poverty, slavery, malnutrition
  4. Establish hospitals to boost access to healthcare
  5. Build schools to drive education
  6. Build cooperative sustainable villages to enhance communities
  7. Establish a full regional power supply to all

The Platform

NBI is attracting leading minds and organizations to its collective nation building initiative. We offer a powerful platform and opportunity to drive forward sustainable and profitable development in East Africa, that will achieve a sure path to our long-term collective goals.

We offer select partners to join our collective purpose to implement a new development blueprint for Nation Building that rewards our partners and the people with prosperity.

Who we are – our collective purpose  
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