Nation Building Initiative

To Empower Through Wisdom

Our Collective Nation Building Vision:
To unite leading minds to unlock the wealth of agriculture and natural resources
to drive the sustainable growth of East African nations


Through socially responsible investment, to empower a region village by village, unlocking the wealth of that region thereby liberating its people from poverty, whilst producing high returns and sustained positive contribution to people and ecosystems.


East Africa is at an embryonic stage of development. The Karamoja region in Uganda is cash-poor and attracts little foreign investment. However, the region is rich in natural resources and has abundant arable land. NBI is attracting and coordinating significant capital investment into the region to unlock its potential.


  • Manage and maintain support from the Presidential level down to the Chief Elders and people in the Karamoja region
  • Identify and develop extensive concessions including the finest arable land and rights to extensive mineral resources
  • Select and coordinate both financial and operating partners to move forward in developing project opportunities
  • Ensure a comprehensive and socially responsible approach is adopted at all levels


Karamoja is the ‘Engine of East Africa’. In meetings with H.E. President Museveni and H.E. First Lady Janet Museveni, State Minister of Karamoja; NBI’s Nation Building Collective received the full support and blessing for our long term strategy for the development of the Karamoja region. The Karamoja Cluster represents 6.2Million people spanning over 200,000km2 at the Apex of Four Nations – Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia. Historically one tribe, the NBI Foundation is currently engaged in a Heritage project to anchor the nation in its history. Karamoja is a new frontier of archaeological research, one whose discoveries are of significance to Africa and the World.

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